Access to pages


Bacularis is capable to limit access to pages. For example there is possible to give an user access only to specific Bacularis areas like: Job list access, Client configuration or Graphs. Is is done using the role-based access control (RBAC). It means that page access is defined in roles. These roles can be assigned to users giving them access to specific pages.

There is possible to assign user one role or many roles. Privileges each of assigned role are merged for user. It means that if there are two roles: one for accessing job pages and one for accessing storage pages, any user with both roles assigned will be able to access job and storage pages.

The roles are defined by the Bacularis administrator. There is possible to create roles with defined access to every part of the Bacularis Web.

In Bacularis are also available two pre-defined roles: Administrator and Normal user. First gives access to all Bacularis pages, the second one is customized for users that are allowed to do basic operations like: backup using the job pages and restore using the restore wizard.

Roles can be enabled/disabled. If there are users, that use a role, disabling this role will revoke all these users access to pages defined in role. It is useful if there is needed to temporarily disable access to some pages for users. To completely revoke access to some pages, better is to unassign the role from users.



The main purpose of using restricted page access is to give selected users access only to limitted Bacularis areas. It can be very useful in case when normal non-admin users have access to Bacularis. Bacularis admin can define general roles with example names: ‘OnlyRestore’, ‘DasboardAndJobs’ or ‘BackupAndRestore’ and he can assign them to sets of users to give them possibility to restore data or start backup without access to other Bacularis areas such as: storage, pool, volumes and others.


Roles gives users restricted access to pages. To give users access to selected Bacula resources like specific selected jobs, clients and others, please use the restricted Bacula resource access by Console ACL. They can be used together with the limitted access to pages. More information about it you can find in chapter Access to Bacula resources.