Developers guide

1. Intro

One of ways contributing to the Bacularis is preparing patches with bug fixes or new functions. If you decided to contribute to the project this way, below you can find couple of advises about how to prepare proposed changes.

2. General advices

The general advices refer to all type of files (.php, .js, .tpl, .page …others).

End of lines

The EOL (end of line) characters are always for every type of Bacularis files LF \n, not CRLF \r\n.


We use tabs \t for indentation, not spaces.


We document important parts of the code especially if they are not obvious at first glance.

3. PHP code

The PHP code advices refers to PHP files only.

Static code analysis

Before preparing pull request please execute static code analysis tests by running PHPStan command. Example below is to run in the main directory of the bacularis-web repository, but it needs to be run on every repository where are prepared new changes:

phpstan analyse Web

Coding style

Check if the code is compatible with the PSR-12 extended coding style standard. You can easily do it by using php-cs-fixer and running the command below in the main repo directory in which we prepared new changes.

php-cs-fixer fix -vvv --dry-run

We provide ready php-cs-fixer configuration file in the main directory of each base repository. It is a file .php-cs-fixer.dist.php.

If you use Composer to get Bacularis, both the static code analyse and coding style checkings can be done by running:

composer analyse


PHP functions and classes need to be documented in the code by comments.

For one line comments in methods body we use //:

// My important comment

For multiple line comments we use /**/:

 * My three lines very long comment.
 * It requires using multi-line comment type.
 * Here is something else.

For documenting classes, methods and functions we use the PHPDoc style.

Function example:

 * Get XYZ elements by given type.
 * @param str $type element type
 * @return array XYZ elements
 function getElementsByType($type)

Class example:

 * Manage XYZ configuration.
 * @category SomeCategory
 class XYZManager

Pull requests

The pull requests can be prepared in the Bacularis project on GitHub using the GitHub flow described here:

Thank you in advance for all your contributions!