Pattern is a set of configs and it is applied on whole Bacula component configuration. It has component type defined that pattern for Storage Daemon cannot be applied on Director or File Daemon configuration.

Each config used in pattern must have Name directive defined. Configs that do not have Name, are not listed in patterns but they can be used and applied without patterns as configs for resources.

If pattern config contains resource configuration with a Name that does not exist in the Bacula component configuration, this resource is added as a new resource.

If pattern config resource Name exists in the Bacula component configuration, it is applied to this existing resource. If directives are the same in config as in Bacula component configuration then the decision about overwriting directives is taken base on selected overwrite policy. See Overwrite policies.


Applying patterns is available on pages with the Bacula component configuration like Director, Storage Daemon or File Daemon configuration. There is a button with a label Apply patterns. Additionally patterns can be applied on the deployment page in install Bacula component window just after successful component deployment.



The same as in case configs, applying patterns can be simulated. As the result of the simulation, administrator can see and review all the component configuration with the selected patterns applied. Simulation takes into account also the overwrite directive policies. See Overwrite policies.

Video guide

Here you can find a video guide, where you can see how to use patterns in practise.