API host groups


From version 2.4.0 is available the API host group function. The API host groups make possible to have sets of logically collected API hosts in groups. The API host groups can be used in the same way as single API hosts. You can give user access to specific single API hosts or to specific API host groups.

The API host groups is a more elastic solution because it is an additional layer between user account and API host. In case when you need to add more API hosts for users or to remove some API hosts from users, you can do it in one place - in the API group. Using single API hosts assignment does not allow it and requires assigning or unassigning the API hosts for each user separatelly.


The API host group setting you can find in the security page on the API host groups tab.

Here you can find a video guide where you can see how to configure and use the API host groups:

When to use

For sure the API host groups are useful in medium and large environments where is more users and API hosts to manage. The groups are also very useful everywhere there, where exist API hosts that are common for some users.

For small environments with a few users or API hosts (e.g. 1-10) single API hosts assignment can work the same well as the API host groups.

Please note that there is possible to use both the groups and single host assignment at the same time for different users. For example, some users can use the API host groups and some users can have the direct API host(s) assigned.