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New release Bacularis 2.8.1

28 Apr 2024, 06:57
<p>We released a new Bacularis 2.8.1.</p>

We released a new Bacularis 2.8.1.

We are pleased to inform about a new Bacularis version 2.8.1. This is a minor new feature and bug fix release. We added support for LDAP filters and updated Polish translations for Web and API.

From the fixes side, we disabled capability to log in with empty password for LDAP authentication method if LDAP server allows it. This has meaning for authentication with LDAP servers that have the unauthenticated authentication method enabled (like Windows Active Directory) and that allow logging in with empty password.

Main changes

Bacularis Web
- Add LDAP filters support in LDAP authentication method
- Update Polish translations

Bacularis API
- Update Polish translations

Bacularis Common
- Disable logging in with empty password for LDAP authentication method
- Add support for LDAP filters