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New release Bacularis 2.8.0

19 Apr 2024, 20:38
<p>We have released a new version of the Bacula web interface <strong>Bacularis.</strong></p>

We have released a new version of the Bacula web interface Bacularis.

We are glad to let you know that we released a new Bacularis version 2.8.0. It is a new feature and bug fix release. We introduced a couple of improvements for using backup file list function like finding the largest or the newest files in backup. Besides that we added a new deployment OS profiles for Ubuntu 24.04 Noble and Fedora 40 to enable easily deploying Bacularis and Bacula components to remote hosts with these systems.

On the bug fixes side, we fixed bugs reported by the Community.

New functions in 2.8.0:
- Top 10 backup files function: [VIDEO]

Main changes

Bacularis Web
- Add control to display top 10 largest/smallest/recent/oldest backup files
- Add sorting capability by file, size and mtime columns in backup file list
- Add deployment OS profile for Fedora 40
- Add deployment OS profile for Ubuntu 24.04 Noble
- Change default job age for job size and files graph
- Fix validation for data view name
- Fix network test support for Bacula 9.6
- Fix displaying text in running jobs bar on Firefox

Bacularis API
- Add order_by and order_type parameters to /jobs/{jobid}/files endpoint

Bacularis Common
- Add commented software compression lines to web server configs
- Add custom sorting method by given property