28 May 2023, 09:55

New release Bacularis 1.6.0

We released a new version 1.6.0 of our Bacula web interface.

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Posted by: Marcin Haba

We are happy to announce the new release of Bacularis version 1.6.0. This is a new function and bug fix release. We did a couple of important fixes and enhancements, specially to improve application performance but not only. From new features we have a new options to configure preserving table settings. It can be useful for users who prefer to customize keeping table settings.

From the binary packages side to our supported repository list we added the Fedora 38 repository. More information is here:

Main changes

Bacularis Web
- Add options to configure preserving table settings
- Enhance validation in time period control
- Fix negative values in last successful job and last failed job columns
- Disable querying API for seeing which authentication methods are supported
- Fix PHP error if OAuth2 authorization is enabled
- Enlarge login form - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- Add missing text to translations

Bacularis API
- Performance improvements for getting results from database

Bacularis Common
- Improve LDAP authentication for directory with more the same user entries than one


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Bacularis is a friendly fork of Baculum founded by Baculum's creator. It has been created to provide the Bacula web interface in easy way, with simple installation and configuration. Changes between Baculum and Bacularis are synchronized in both ways as much as it is possible.


Bacularis is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL) version 3.