17 Dec 2022, 18:35

New release Bacularis 1.3.0

Our new Bacula web GUI version 1.3.0 is out.

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Posted by: Marcin Haba

We are glad to announce a new Bacularis version 1.3.0. This is a new feature and bug fix release. The main change is adding support for new directives that come from Bacula 13. We also enabled support for Oracle Linux 8 and 9 both for the deployment function and for binary packages as well. Also an important change is enabling support for PostgreSQL 15. At the end we updated the SELinux policy module and we did a couple of fixes.

Main changes

Bacularis Web
- Add new Bacula 13.0 directives support
- Add Oracle Linux 8 and 9 support for deployment
- Add storage group and storage group policy directives support
- Add new OrderedListBox control
- Fix losing autochanger directive value in storage resource in director configuration
- Fix remove resource button availability
- Fix StorageGroupPolicy directive section

Bacularis API
- Add support for PostgreSQL 15 - reported by Hiroto Iwasawa
- Fix text color in add autochanger window - reported by Sergey Zhidkov

Bacularis Common
- Update SELinux policy module
- Fix dark mode issues in search label and label media window - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- Fix text wrapping in status director page - reported by Sergey Zhidkov

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Bacularis is a friendly fork of Baculum founded by Baculum's creator. It has been created to provide the Bacula web interface in easy way, with simple installation and configuration. Changes between Baculum and Bacularis are synchronized in both ways as much as it is possible.


Bacularis is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL) version 3.