25 Feb 2022, 04:33

New release Bacularis 1.0.4

Bacularis 1.0.4 has been released. It is a bug fix and new feature release.

Category: Releases
Posted by: Marcin Haba

We introduced a new way of tracking Bacula job history. It is a new job report page with a monthly job reports. It displays the history in a friendly visual way. Besides of that we added a new mode to the file browser in the restore wizard - the directory tree browser. At the end we fixed in the web interface part a few bugs. The most important of them is about broken update procedure if using Bacularis installed by composer.

Main changes

Bacularis Web
- New reports page with job history report
- New file tree browser in restore wizard
- Add option to set job age for job status summary graph on dashboard page
- Fix displaying run job window on job list page
- Fix statistics with the most used client, job and pool

Bacularis App
- Fix #2 preserve Web and API configuration files when updating by composer
- Add styles for job history report and directory tree browser

Thanks to everybody involved in preparing this release.

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Bacularis is a friendly fork of Baculum founded by Baculum's creator. It has been created to provide the Bacula web interface in easy way, with simple installation and configuration. Changes between Baculum and Bacularis are synchronized in both ways as much as it is possible.


Bacularis is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL) version 3.