19 Jul 2022, 19:44

Two-factor authentication in Bacularis

From version 1.0.11 the Bacularis web UI provides two-factor authentication.

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Posted by: Marcin Haba

2FA (two-factor authentication) makes the authentication process stronger. In case the Bacularis web interface it adds to the traditional login/password form one additional step in which users have to provide 6-digit number from the authenticator app. This method bases on TOTP which is time-based one-time password algorithm. Using it the authenticator application generates the digit code that expires within 30 seconds.

This way even if there occurs danger that our password is compromised, the second authentication layer protects access to Bacula resources through the Bacularis interface.

The 2FA in Bacularis can be used together with the local user authentication or with the LDAP authentication. The Two-factor authentication with the HTTP basic authentication is not supported yet.

Below you can see short movie where you can see how to configure 2FA and how to use it in log in action.


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