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Category: General
, posted by: Marcin Haba

Today we open the Bacularis web page. We hope it will be good place to describe Bacularis functions, to share latest the project news and to visit for everybody.

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Discussion Group

For getting help in configuring Bacularis, please use the Bacularis Discussion Group at the following address:

Bug Tracker

If you found a bug, we would appreciate if you report it in the Bacularis GitHub Bug Tracker:

Video Tutorials

We encourage you to watch the video tutorials on the YouTube Baculum channel:

Live demo

If you would like to see how the Bacularis web interface looks like and how it works, you can visit the interface demo page:

Social Media


Bacularis is a friendly fork of Baculum founded by Baculum's creator. It has been created to provide the Bacula web interface in easy way, with simple installation and configuration. Changes between Baculum and Bacularis are synchronized in both ways as much as it is possible.


Bacularis is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License (GNU AGPL) version 3.